Breathe | Kundan Rana

I bought the warmth of fraudulent

Raced for that care in dark

Stumbled on reality

Got slapped by fantasy

Fractured a trust or more

Cried in numbness alone

I bled stress

Bruised by expectations

Bandaged with hatred

Infected by loneliness

Lost every drop of love

Passed out in anxiety

Lost the war of emotions

I was about to give up

But then,

I breathed hope

Healed through pain

To Defeat the ache

Tried to surpass this phase

Exhaled the strain

Stealed some fears

Smelled the aroma of chance

Kicked depression before he walks

Wore the blanket of confidence

Filtered unwanted thoughts which

Started again,

Leapt the peaks of trauma

Embraced the pinches of excitement.

Grabbed every moment,

Slayed like, I never did

Changed something

Which was a misdeed

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