Bullies| Risha Chaurasia

They destroy the life of their peers And instill in them a lifelong fear Tearing them apart to bringing them down What happiness do you get seeing a frown? Every word you utter is like a spear thrown at their heart Leaving a scar that couldn’t be healed What are you achieving on your part? Your words are full of poison and hate Remember your actions determine your fate Today you are the one laughing Tomorrow the blood form the cuts you left in their heart you may be barfing Judging someone on the basis of what they read, say or do Harsh memories of bullying are hard to bid adieu They are called fat, dark & useless Well remember at least they aren’t heartless Even when they aren’t respected they learn to respect This sin of yours god won’t neglect The world is round in case you didn’t know What you give, you get this god will sooner or later show Every day is darker than the other for them You make them forget that they are a true gem Day after day they suffer your torments To your cruelty there seems no extent Whenever they see you a chill runs down their spine There’s no one they can call ‘mine’ Abandoned by everyone whether friends or teachers You make them believe there’s no humane creature Left alone by supposed friends Everyday they put up a fake smile and being happy they pretend Inside they may be dying They feel like bursting out crying In those eyes there‘s a lot of pain Which they are trying to hide but alas! In vain All they are asking for is one true companion Whom they can vent out to A shoulder to cry on Don’t they deserve this much? Everyone requires a person in their life Who won’t ever leave their side Who’ll walk through whatever lives throws on And remind them to stay strong So, come one let’s make a bully free world And stop saying slut, whore and dud Everyone’s beautiful in their own way Everyone has a twinkle in their eye It’s no lie So I’d like to conclude with the following words No one’s a geek, dork or nerd Rather beautiful people in this beautiful world

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