But I was busy| Niharika Chantola

I called you 10 times, texted you 100 all hope got shattered all excitement got dwindled My smile faded my worrylines got deepened My heart was fast my mind was blanked May I pray for your wellbeing or for my brokenheart My tears were warm and hands were cold My eyes were stuck on my cell phone Finally, you picked up after 19 missed call Asked what's up like nothing happened at all I fought I cried I critized I asked I was sad I was hopeless could'nt you see All you said "I love you But I was busy" I cried my heart out and got a scar Only thing I could do was to end it like that It was messy It was scary but I learned to live apart After 5 years we met again on a metro Long time had gone by since that night's goodbye We talked like newly joined interns But we still remembered each other's preference You looked same just a bit older in that finely trimmed beard Your dimple was deeper and eyes sparkled You looked happy but also troubled Atlast elephant in the room entered You brought up the history we shared you asked for a Clear reason why I left I confessed I told the unsaid Your time was not for me I was falling apart and you were not for me He said "I cared but I was busy" this time I was not frustrated I was not angry I laughed and you were busy.

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