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Ingredients required:

1.Boneless chicken powder

2.50grams Butter

3.red chilli powder (3tbsp)

4.red chilli flakes (half tbsp)

5.Coriander leaves (50gms)

6.Coriander powder (2tbsp)

7.Heavy Cream (1 cup)

8. Salt according to taste


First wash the chicken properly add 1and 1/2 tbsp of chilli powder and 1 tbsp of chilli fakes mix well and keep aside for 10 minutes.

Now, Heat a lid  pan add25 gms of butter and add the chicken pieces

Let them fry for 10 minutes Now take them out to a plate 

To the butter in the pan add the leftover butter, add chillipowder, coriander powder,salt acc to taste, add the fresh cream stir well and let cook for 2 minutes now add 2 cups of water stir well add the coriander leaves and add the half cooked chicken piece stir well and add a few coriander leaves and let cook for 20 minutes on low flame 

And your Yum tasting Butter chicken is ready!!

Do try and eat healthy home made food.

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