Castles in the air | Samiya aziz

Today - I drenched in the rain -

flowing from my eyes,

All my happiness and dreams,

They went in vain.

Heart - are you still there - 

came a voice from my head,

I closed my ears - But

saw shadows everywhere.

I wailed loudly like a thunder -

The whole body shaked

like hit by a quake

leaving my mind to just wonder.

You came near with bright rays -

just like the rainbow,

painted the depth of my despair

showing me even the narrow ways.

I packed my heart - to flee -

But you vainished,

leaving me with shades of gray - 

Souls laughing at my glee.

My Heart - you thought - he's rare -

but he belonged not to me,

My Mind - you dreamt a life - But,

you just built Castles in the air.


Performance Art
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