certain death

all we really know is that Death exists.

we, give ourselves hope that we don’t really end there by believing in Karma or afterlife. why aren’t we ready to accept that death is the end, and your funeral – life’s grand finale. trust me, that’s all the time you have. and, please don’t take death lightly, i understand, reading the news has made death a daily affair, but is it really? that burglary gone wrong, could have been you or worse your mother. that car accident, could be your brother or sister. imagine never hearing that laugh again, or never getting to hear their voices again, imagine waking up and yelling for tiffin and all you have is a photo with a garland around it. shit got real, didn’t it?

so, what’s worse dying or living through deaths? good question, no answers.

i live with no regrets, i want to do something, i do it. if you know me, you’ll know that when i want to say something, i say it. that’s how life should be, it’s not careless, it’s happy. there is a thin line. i dance in the rain, i make paper planes, i eat all day, i look funny, i play ‘ringa ringa roses’ , i cry with people until they smile with me, that’s how i live my life, to its fullest. i suggest you do the same.

almost everything is like a coin – with two sides, but when death comes knocking you won’t be given a way out. so when that happens make sure you have lived life the way you wished to.


ps:- Snape’s photo, cause i wanted to. 😚
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