Changes | Pratishtha Shrivastava

Wake me up in sometime

I have to finish this rhyme

I'm too comfortable right now 

I'm told to move on, but i don't know how. 

I'm still learning to love and to let go, 

I'm still learning to take a blow. 

No one warned me about the changing faces,

Now I don't know how do I fill those spaces. 

It's hard to stand this void feeling, 

I'm out of breath, my apprehensions touching the ceiling. 

The stars have started shrinking with these passing days, 

I have started to become a captive of my anxiety and rage. 

Each day, as the sky changes it's colour from blue to black, 

The clock in my room stares at me as a part of me slips through the cracks. 

But the human in me still believes, 

The days will come when I won't be this naive, 

The white clouds will replace the grey ones, 

And the world will shine like a thousand suns.

With people like me, who know what it's like to be, 

Caged by the mind of their own, struggling to be free. 

Maybe someday the world will understand this struggle, 

Maybe someday I will mean more to them than just a mere trouble.