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Charioteer Creatures 

Author.        :-Abhishek Mishra

Ratings.      :-⭐⭐⭐

Review.       :-

This book is a psychological thriller and while flipping through further and further you will reap detectives vibes being haunting around.

The story possesses five parts and it's about an intellect officer named Vikram Saha, who is an agent of Indian intelligence research and has lost his family in an attack.

The book has characters named Firoz, Akira, Nitara, Akio, Loy which are adequately built up.

Vikram is into research to cure humankind from terrorism and to examine them, they carry out the trial with the human brains and experiment it, subject to evidence to hypnosis and telepathy. Viram decides to uncover the truth as to whether it is possible to enter into someone's brain and steal their ideas! There are several extra mysteries behind the research they endure which any reader would prefer to comprehend further.

The storyline was a bit uneasy for me to understand the situation because it feels a little aspects tangled in the initial chapters.But it was good on the part of the author for bringing such a rare notion of  foresight to the readers.

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