Cheesy Maggie Omlet| Kavita Sharma

Recipe by (@whitechillies7) Step 1 : First we prepare stuffing with maggie  Take 2 tbsp oil in pan at low flame  Add 1 chopped green chilli you can also take according to your taste  Add 1 small bowl chopped onion and stir it continuously  Now add 1 small bowl chopped capsicum and now stir it till onion turn into golden brown.  Add 1 cup water on pan in medium flame and get it to boil  once the water begins to boil, add in 2 maggi noodles breaking into 2 half.  spread and cook both the sides  boil for 2 minutes and stir occasionally.  once the noodle start absorbing water, add 2 sachets maggi masala and mix it properly and get cooked completely after that we take out the Maggie stuffing in dish Step 2 : Now we prepare layer of egg omelette  For that we have break 2 egg in a bowl and add salt according to taste and stir it well.  Take 2 tbsp oil in pan at low flame and spread on pan  Now we will add stirred egg on the pan ( note : we do not have to fry egg competely before adding Maggie stuffing )  Now add Maggie stuffing in half fry omelette and spread on omelette and cover it with cap and rest it for 30 seconds  Take amul cheese slice, break it into small piece and put upon the half side of stuffing  After that, fold omelette from one side and cover it with cap and cook it for 20 seconds at low flame, let the cheese melt.  Now take Maggie omelette in dish and garnish with tomato ketchup and imlli’s chutney (tamarind chutney )  Now your delicious cheesy Maggie omelette is ready.

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