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Recipe. Ingredients- Chicken Breast 200-300 gms Mushrooms cut into two halves Garlic and Ginger Curd Onions Basmati rice Food colour saffron Rose water, kawra jol Milk Corriander leaves Charcoal Attar Spices Garam masala Jeera/cumin powder Dhania/ corriander powder Pepper and salt Turmeric powder Chili powder To marianate the chicken Put curd, onion paste and ginger garlic paste and keep for 2-3 hours. Step by step- Put cooking oil in a pan. Heat. Put the chicken breast. Cook until the oil seeps out from the chicken. Add 1 tsp of cumin, corriander, chilli powder and half tsp of garam masala. Salt to taste. Cook on low flame unti the chicken is done. Take out the chicken breast and keep aside the rest of the juice. In a pan put oil and saute the mushrooms. Add the juice of the chicken. Add salt to taste and turmeric powder and cook until the gravy becomes thick. Wash the rice and boil the same. In a small bowl add rose water, kewra jal, Attar. In another bowl add 5-6 tsp of milk and a pinch of saffon food colour. Add the mixtures to the rice and keep aside. For the raita, beat the curd, put pepper, salt and chilli powder alongwith finely chopped corriander. Take the chicken breast and roast it over high flame. Burn the charcoal and put in a small bowl. Place the bowl in a bigger dish and keep the chicken breast. Add ghee to the burning charcoal and cover the dish. This will give the chicken a charcoal flavour. Serving. Serve the rice and place the chicken breast over it. Keep the mushroom curry and the raita aside is separate bowls.

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