Chiranjivi, The Beginning - Vasant Kallola | Priyanshi Borad

Chiranjivi, The Beginning

Vasant Kallola

GENRE-- Mythological fiction

PUBLISHER-- @timesgroupbooks

PAGES-- 340

PRICE-- 299

FORMAT-- paperbook

MY REVIEW:-⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The cover of the book is warm, catchy and very bright. Title suits the plotting! The language is lucid to understand. The story is set in the aftermath of war of mahabharata. Chiranjivi picks up the threads of the story a thousand years after the war. The book contains an interesting story of, How did Govind manage to find a way to tame and control super powerful and seemingly invincible sage?What were the challenges Govind came across in his journey?Could he save himself from wrath of mighty sage? If yes, how?

The book is not divided into chapters rather each scene starts with the details such as time of the day or night, indoors or outdoors, and the location. Author has written in new format just to give different experience to readers of reading quick, crisp and enjoyable. The story has smooth narration and easy language plus different writing style which gives the experience of watching a movie or playing a role of characters in scene on the screen. So many different characters are there in the storyline but author has presented in beautiful way that readers don't feel confusion or distraction which is appreciative. The list of the characters present in story are given at end with their roles which is again commendable. The plot of the book is just mind-blowing. From start till end of the book you'll not just read it but you'll live this book! I loved it,  author's writing format, narration sytle and it's plotting. It's an amazing fiction work i truly enjoyed the book and wished it never ends but it ended with a cliffhanger which made me eager to read it's next part soon!

recommended, speacially to those who love mythological fiction.

My favourite line from book:-

'Emotions are infectious'.You find that the world feels the same way you feel inside, and how you feel gets reflected in the behaviour of people and things around you, including the environment!