Clean Slate - Preeti Rajput | Review by Priyanshi Borad

Clean Slate

AUTHOR-- Preeti Rajput

GENRE-- Short Stories

PAGES-- 99

PRICE-- 149/-

FORMAT-- Kindle


The cover of the book is bright and pretty. The title is unique and perfect for the book because as a kid when we used to learn writing on slate...we're doing mistakes and erase it and starting it afresh same way author wants to convey this message through her short stories that life is like a clean slate where you can write your own story and if somewhere you make mistake than it's okay to learn from it, erase it and start afresh. This book contains 12 very short captivating stories. The stories focus on various human traits like honesty, love, betrayal, friendship, violence and many more. Language is easy to understand and story is fast paced and very short in length. Every story coveys deep message at end which also holds emotional value and leave its permanent print on you for lifetime. Stories are mostly centred around the family life. The narration is clear and straightforward. I like the plotting of each story because its different from each other and it has been woven with detailing and with uttmost love and research. The characters were amazingly penned like it seemed soooo real. The writing style of author is gripping because of that during the read you'll not lose the interest and will hold you till the end. My reading experience was butter smooth like i was reading one after the other stories and don't know when it ended. The best part of the book is it covers different genre like fantasy, thriller, mystery and also some stories are eye-opening for this generation. I have decided to write the name of my favourite story out of the book but i can't select any one story because whole book is my favourite one for short stories genre. Highly recommended to all readers as it's short read will take hour to read but its worth reading so grab your copy and give it a readdddd!

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