Clothing, your mindset| sanskriti sharma

The hijaab you were wearing, tempted them... 

The way you were covered fully, made them to attempt....

The dress you wear, makes them uncomfortable....

They want to grab you seeing in that dress, thats justifiable....

The saree you drape, is the cause of rape they say,

These are the reasons with which they get away...

That four year old girl, she was playing too much....

May be that was the sign they took as her allowance to touch....

That old aunty was smiling at you

That was the reason for her rape too...

That animal who was so much fond of you, just because you fed him some food,

He was cuddling with you, thats how you took it as signal to use it for your good?

The clothing you wear, is the actual fear

How could you do this, all as you wish

Are we just a piece to satisfy you

Is there nothing like, 'we are humans too'?

You did us wrong everytime...

And then justifying with reasons like our dresses in every line

You never knew about consent

You were just too busy with your irrelevant

You were born to her, mother

You lived with her, sister

You were tied to her, wife 

You made her, daughter

They were all around

So you caused them a wound

By adding one more line to it

'You raped her', a random but a mother, wife, daughter and sister to a person

But you don't care whose she was

As long as she's not from your family...

Cause she isn't related to you,

So why to care about anyone randomly...

You catcalled her, a stranger

You groped her, a girl on bus

You forced her, an employee

You molested her, a neighbour's child

Did never felt that wild?

Is it that easy,

Just a sight and you forget your specie?

Their clothing shows their character

Revealing their bodies made them glitter

The thing that needs to change is not their dress

But the thing that needs you to be adressed

Its your thinking thats small

Their appearance isnt the reason at all

Your sister if wears the same would never be tempting

But that girl on bus with suit was simply like  could not be extempting

Your mind needs to be broadened

Let it be her choice, her clothes to be longed or shotened

Teach yourself consent

You could not just torment

Its her life, let her survive

This fear of men, already a near death experience won't let her be alive

Its up to you, if you outrule these rape

Remember even your family female's wont escape

So clothing your mindset, most appropriate

So its up to you mate

Heaven's gate

Or this bait....

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