Conversation with the soul | Ananya Panigrahi

You tried to assume about me,

As you wanted to know me.

But my heart is what you saw,

Deep within my soul was without flaw. 

Lost in the crowd of fears,

And held back by tears

I tried to go through this alone,

For no one can truly know this forlorn.

How it feels to loose what matters the most,

It seems like I am just a ghost. 

A glimpse of what I used to be,

And my soul is sitting on a empty tree. 

You tried to tell, you could understand,

But you just can't comprehend

The life that I used to live

And all that I had to give!

Amongst the shadows of my fear,

I stay away and keep you clear.

This is the dark side of the moon,

For all there you will find is gloom!

I am my worst enemy,

And now I can clearly see,

You just won't let it go,

And now no emotions I will show!

Walk away like the rest,

Cause you say, you gave your best!

In the end its all the same and sane,

I'm trapped and alone in my pain!

Slowly slowly I slipped away,

And watched it fade into another day,

The end is always near for me,

The end is what I pray to see!

For you would not leave me alone,

I am stuck and far from home!

A tortured soul in this hell,

As tortured soul I now dwell!

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