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Covid-19 The word in itself is a fear But, we need to stop its accelerating gear Originated in China And now it has crossed all its frontiers Now what about the strain the whole world bears...... Oh shit! How devastating is the hit That not just a few But countless got afflicted Declared as pandemic, Has created a havoc Doctors are emerging as heroes While others are in lock...... Everything comes to a standstill as quarantine fear looms Following precautions is must to stop the fear of impending doom Stay home, say no to unition Wear mask Sanitize And maintain distance To stop its transmission........ Big break for well-born But for wage slave its a bane Unemployment hit a record high But don’t let this precious time go in vain Hustle and bustle all around As the lockdown news circulate Some were able to repatriate But some got stuck, were inept to migrate Not only adverse but favourable outcomes get discovered Pollution dropping continues And,hence, the environment gets recovered Make use of the free time,use it wisely Explore your inner talent dont take it lightly Its time to stiff upper lips Don’t lose hope Spend time with your family Until it flips...........

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