Daily Bread v/s Good Network | by Priyasmita dutta

February 12, 2021: Human Rights Watch reported in July 2020 that over 1.5 Billion students dropped out of school globally due to the ongoing pandemic. The lockdown revealed the fallacies of education system across the globe.

The lack of infrastructure, equipment, skill and methodology of online education had initially scared the world, especially the developing and third world countries. However, slowly but surely teachers, students and administration of educational institutes sought solution to the burning issue. Everyone on the panel had to collectively educate and update themselves with technology to continue the process. “Harvard sent back all their students, faculty, staff right at Spring break, in March. Ever since, classes have been held online, through zoom. Harvard is especially known for their on-campus experience and that sure got diluted but administration is trying their best to make classes interactive and involve them in different activities online.” Said Jayashree Sengupta, Interim Senior Director of Instructional Media Services, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University.

Going to school is much more than just studying in many countries as that’s the only place one can gather knowledge from, their only means to become literate for in most interior places, chances are this generation is the first in the family to go to school. “I acknowledge my privilege, for we are facing issues regarding network or online communication whereas students in third world and developing countries, where going to (government) schools come with the opportunity of getting some food are missing out on it.” added Jayashree. “Our professors try really hard to connect with us through Zoom and google meet but classes sometimes get disrupted for network issues. Now the situation is much better but schools and colleges in rural areas are still shut.” Said Zakir Mohammad, a student of Dhaka University, Bangladesh.

In this situation, we can only learn and adapt ourselves with what the future of education holds.

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