Dear Draupadi| Pratishtha Shrivastava

Dear Draupadi, Thank you for teaching me the actual definition of courage and sacrifice. You experienced rejection from your own father on the very day you were born and thousands of days after that till you met Krishna, the second person you befriended. It was probably that rejection that made you so insecure about your colour and appearance until Krishna taught you to acknowledge and praise it. He wasn't wrong in saying, "the world will see you the way you see yourself." You were brave for talking to Sikhandi when everyone else feared him. I know you didn't quite believe him when he said "wait for a man to avenge your honour and you'll wait forever." Maybe because your confidence in men was higher. But that changed. You didn't choose the life you were forced into yet you sacrificed your happiness for greater good, not once but multiple times. The only thing you longed was true love from a man, and even though you had five you didn't find love. In this era, when it should be easier, people still find it difficult to find love, warmth and trust. You inspired all of them to not let go of a relationship easily and restored their faith in second chances. You told us it's okay to love someone even when you know they won't yours, ever. And it's not a sin to have fantasies and hope for them to come true. I cannot loathe you for your flaws when your husbands were glorified for theirs. Even though they avenged your honour, they couldn't bring back that spark and joy in you that you had when you first stepped into your home, a place you finally felt belonged. It's a feeling women, even now, crave for when they are constantly told that the home they are born in is not theirs. That they belong to some other house. That they belong to a man. It's indeed an irony that women today can relate to you. You are not just the woman who lost her honour in an assembly of great warriors who didn't even blink while that ferocious misdeed was going on; you are much more than that. You made your mark on history as one of the boldest woman of that era. And till this date, you stimulate every woman to fight for her honour and for what she believes in. Love, Pratishtha.

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