"Dear grief, I don't know how you actually feel like, 

what emotions do you bring to a person and it's impossible 

for me to recognise when I am in grief. I hate myself for being incapable of identifying you, and I hate you too for being so complex. Why are you like this? 

Or why am I like this?

Maybe, if I can understand you a little better, 

I will be at peace with myself and with you. 

And there won't be any further restlessness. 

Whatever you feel like, I love you from my heart and soul, 

from my dried eyes and choked voice, I love you from the core of my existence. No, please don't assume me for some maniac, I am just one of your lovers or maybe the only one and I know you're mine, I know because I know you are everyone's lover. But you are not a cheater, you are not unfair because you are loyal to all of us equally.

But I doubt that maybe you are more than just a lover for me, you are my shadow, but you know what? You aren't the disloyal one, as I said, you are a loyal shadow, you don't and I know, you won't leave me when the world goes dark, you are always there, day or night, warm or cold, through all the seasons. But I still don't know who you are?" 

-"Knock Knock"

"Who's there?"

-"Grief! I am here to answer you"

-"Maybe I am the silence or maybe I am the violence or maybe I am the aggression  in your eyes or maybe I am the denial in your mind or maybe I am just a lover as said by you. I am the lover who will break you and also make you, I will hit you unexpectedly and will leave you unexpectedly, defying you here, I will even leave you on some dark nights as well but then again I will find my way back to you. 

Just continue being my lover and accept my love disguised as pain".

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