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Dear Sadness, You must be wondering why I am writing this open letter to you. Ofcourse!  You are the most unwanted emotion to everyone of us. Be it a baby of five years old or a teen of fifteen or even someone in their nineties, nobody wants you.  How does that feel?  Do you get sad too, sadness? You know, few days back when I was strolling in the terrace around evening I was wondering how you feel.  Don't you envy happiness? Don't you wish to break your friendship with anxiety and panic?  I guess it's tough for you too.  You are always the bad one even when you don't wish to be.  It is so ironic you know, pathetic humans like us we don't understand your value. No, really don't.  In our story, you are the worst character to even exist.  We only crave for happiness.  But, little do we realize how pathetic happiness is, without you.  Maybe next time when your little hands knock on the doors of my mind I might embrace you willingly and share my deepest secrets with you.  P.S. Don't be sad dear sadness for being lonely. Trust me end of the day we all are. Yours truly,  A petty human.

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