Dear School by Ishan

dear school

what a pain it was,

getting up so early at six.

no homework is complete,

you know you're in a fix.

rushed for that one auto all the time.

cause I was always running late,

and that sigh of relief when

I saw my best friend waiting at the gate

exchanging happy smiles,

we used to rush up to the classrooms

shouting that "present ma'am",

was fun every single day.

and trying to sound normal,

in every possible way

normal, because we couldn't stop,

laughing the whole long time

well, because no one found out,

that we'd missed the assembly,

which was like a school crime

then when the teachers,

would ask for books

and all of us would exchange,

those notorious looks.

pretending to be ill,

and then hiding our faces when,

we laugh looking away at the window sill

but now its all done,

the good days have come to an end.

leaving it all behind,

the time has come to go

so hey, dear school

i can do nothing at all.

except one promise for sure.

i am going to pay back this place,

with my success fine and pure.

today is my turn,

to see the outer world and learn.

all these years,

this place made a star, ready to glow.

and now its time for me to show.

i promise to make this place proud,

i promise to be the best of my kind,

in this worldly crowd.

so no matter how far I go,

i will never forget this place,

because its full of memories,

from those beautiful school days.

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