Dear sunshine | koustubhi mukherji

Dear sunshine,

With the rains all the time, I realise, we humans have never appreciated you enough. Yeah, I was missing you and these thoughts just started wander in my mind. So thought to share with you, because we both don't have any idea when we will meet next. Also this break we make us appreciate you more.

You have always present for everybody, wanted or unwanted. It may be good, may be bad, necessary or unnecessary. I understand you need a break from our mundane lives and faces. But long sprees of separation, indeed increase the longing for each other.

During the endless rains, you teach us that ultimately people will understand an individual's value, later or sooner.

The unity of my attention and focus can easily help me accomplish anything, as your rays when focused can start a fire.

People will not always perceive me the same, just as they perceive your warmth different, depending on the conditions.

You have always showed me the path after the darkness. You have showed me the smiles of my loved ones. The colourful bright memories will always be in projection in my mind.

You have taught me some really important lessons for life.

Thank you. 🌻🌻