Dear Tris and Tobias| Nancy Sharma

Dear Tris and Tobias! Calling you Beatrice Prior and Tobias Eaton will be too formal ofc! I seriously don't know from where to start with. From Chapter six of Divergent to Chapter fifty two of Allegiant, you kept me engaged with your every little moment of togetherness. I still roam through those pages just to re-live your chemistry. When you both first climbed that Ferris wheel together, I was as nervous as you both were. I have literally cried with your sorrows and blushed with your kisses. Chapter 26 is still my favorite because your first kiss made my heart pound. Perfect falls too short when Boldness of Tris falls in love with maturity of Four. You both definitely know how to live like a dauntless, love like Amity, think like an Erudite, act like Abnegation and definitely be truthful like a Candor. The way you both stole moments among chaos truly set up the goals. "Not all love stories end, some becomes a memory with a beautiful journey and leaves a precious mark on hearts." OMG! Yes! Your love story was the same. When Tris died, I felt void for days. You were meant to end up together, be it here or heaven. You inspire my love. (Going to open the book again right after completing this because your moments are endless and tempting ) - A fangirl who is crushing over a bold and beautiful couple. Sharmanancy2901@gmail.com @poemholic_

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