Death before cremation | Priyanka Singh

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Two poems from her book Death before cremation that is a collection of poetry acknowledging the million deaths we die before our body is cremated and motivating readers to see the silver lining :

1. Do you remember the best things in life?

That time you gasped for breath

in the middle of a stomach-soring laughter,

That one time you ran across the field, unabashedly,

And your dog ran after,

That time you sipped chai to the smell of fresh rain,

That time you stayed up late to watch your favorite cartoon again.

I wonder, can you still remember?

A lover's kiss when the love is new,

Mumma's "I don't like it much" when the laddoos are few.

Birthday mornings and color-dresses in school,

That time you danced to that dope song, like a

complete fool.

If you can't, go out, re-live.

There's so much more to life.

2. The Traveller.

Who doesn't grieve the departure of a lover? Even if you accept, The splitting of paths. Different destinations are not made of the same pathways. No matter how much you long to travel together But you did not grieve, I should have known, You switch paths for fun, You travel often.

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