Delusion| Hridya Sharma

Stop living in your delusion 💭 I heard a story about a man, Who tried to do the best he can. He spent his entire life, Trying to keep up with his strife. But one fine day, He tried to cut his hand with a knife. He sighed and wanted to end this mess, As was tired of the stress, He laid on the hospital bed. Alive yet lifeless. Thoughts inside his mind started to turn into a rage of emotion, His mind said the unspoken. His own reflection cursed him. Claiming him responsible for this condition, The reason for his affliction. He said, "You didn't listen to me." For you were always concerned about the decree . When you could be free, You choose to be, A slave of the society, Drowned in anxiety. Always trying to live according to the standard, Your originality never mattered. The way you spoke sugar coated lies, Hiding the truth inside your eyes. You always suppressed your desires, Wore forgery as your attire. Always ashamed of your flaws, Never believed you were made for a cause. Life is all about seeking your dreams, Being happy and to gleam. Life is a moment of joy, Which you didn't choose to enjoy. Your life was an illusion, You lived in your own delusion. Now he lied in the hospital bed, And had no tears left to shed. Battling a fight to save his last breath , Living a life worse than death . But it seemed, God had a different plan, He blessed the man, With a second chance. For living his life with a new glance . The doctors named it a miracle, As it was not something empirical. Life inside him stared to breathe, Because now he believed in his soul underneath. He had found the courage to strive, For now he choose to be alive.!!!!!


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