Demon | kiran shinde

IG - l_aco_nic_hu_man

Am called by different names

Demon, Devil, Fallen angel are my names

Like, everyone, I have a story

Story of Demon :

I am cruel, evil and malevolent


I have heart pumping black blood.

I reside in humans

devouring them in dark days

I grow and grow and wait.

God is equivalent to me

I am there, he is there

We are like two sides of coins

Whenever he arrives I am there

Beneath the silhouette I watch

From centuries we have a connection

I am evil and he is my rival

He occupies the sky, I the ground

We have bond hard to believe

I stay alone


I get a friend when somebody is in dark

I stay with them


When they find little light

They abandon me

My existence is everywhere


Still, everyone forgets about me

Am demon and I smile

Am demon and I cry