Fascists of World’s most celebrated Democracies | by priyasmita dutta

Mussolini marked the beginning of Fascism in 1922 but little did he know, he was only sowing the seeds of a virus that cultivates violence, disparity, differences and hopelessness. Since then, Fascists troops came time and again and in the last one year, created massive hullabaloo in world’s two most remarkable but flawed Democracies- America and India.

India is burning with the discourse of Fascism ever since the rise of the Modi Government which actually tick off most agendas off the 14 foundational points of Fascism as stated in the Museum of Holocaust. With the pandemonium caused by the Government’s desire to implement Citizenship Amendment Act and National Register of Citizens pan India and the protests that followed close, it is clearly evident that dissent has been targeted, curbed and silenced with all institutional forces. Universities which are safe havens for students had become the breeding places of violence and the protectors enabled them, efficiently. Shaheen Bagh will be remembered long after the battle finishes, one will always remember how India’s mothers fought. But just when one thinks, this is the lowest that fascists can stoop to, they outdo the expectations. The sheer audacity to mute the Lok Sabha live telecasts while passing three draconian farm bills only reflect the elevated desire of a totalitarian regime. The Farmers’ protesting at the Delhi borders have been ignored, trespassed and stepped on but their grit and determination did not deter them from their goals.

With the recent attack at the Capitol by pro-Trump supporters who were conveniently incited to create a chaos painted a picture very similar to that of India’s. The madness and bizarre intention to disrupt peace and rational workflow is so acutely immature to say the least. Who would have anticipated that a man wearing faux horns could penetrate top security areas to just put up a show for a President who has been collectively voted out by the very people of America? The greater number of times one reads that sentence, the bewildering it gets.

Conclusively, a parallel can be drawn. No matter which part of the world, which era, which event or which party, all Fascists have certain textbook definitions. They are basically the same everywhere, they only change their colour, race, uniforms, languages etc. Deep down, they are all sadistic, short sighted and most importantly, disillusioned.

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