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We all have heard that, we have to be comfortable in whatever we wear, and yes that's a fact. Fashion for me is all about being comfortable in what you wear all day long except for further occasions. Its okay if you are short, you are fat. As long as you are taking care of your body, you should be proud of your figure. But If you really want that lean body, and a presentable personality then you have to work on it! I feel the most confident about my body after a workout, because I know I've worked hard for it. When you are confident with your shape, dressing confidently will become much easier. And I believe if you are having a great personality then most of the looks are going to suit you. So always try to dedicate some amount of your day to fitness, try to eat healthy. Don't be too strict to your diet, just enjoy it. Remember consistency is the only key, so try to be consistent with your diet and fitness regime then you'll become habitual of that lifestyle. Invest on yourself, invest on good food. You don't need to follow the latest fashion trends all the time, if you just love the simple White T-Shirt and a blue jeans combo then don't put on a shaggy attire. Even you can Google the right combination of colors that goes together with your style. By merely pairing the right colors together, you can achieve a balanced and complete look, and don’t just forget to be confident about yourself and about your personality. The key to dressing confidently is to feel comfortable in your cloths. Still you can experiment with different styles and trends. The more you practice the more confident you feel. Or either you could try a few new things every now and then, don't restrict yourself saying things like I never look good in red or I can't pull off a rugged jeans - well have you tried it yet?

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