Happiness Is You! | Kshitij Yadav

When we lack self knowledge, we feel weak and unhappy. In order to become happy we depend on the goals that we set to achieve.

Setting ourselves goals is essential, but to base our happiness on something or someone that we can’t control is bound to lead us to experience frequent emotional ups and downs which can be extremely dangerous.

We know that we all possess the miraculous power of imagination and this is one of the reasons why humans are regarded as the most intelligent animals on this planet. Yet we sometimes refuse to acknowledge the fact that not only can we use our imagination in seconds, we can make it come true as well. This means if we seek happiness we need only imagine it and it can be there. The choice is ours.

It’s in our hands to accept we can't be in control all the time and embrace happiness. Or we can try to micro-manage our lives - the situations we find ourselves in and the people around us - fail to 'keep in control' and so risk endless mood swings. It doesn't matter how many times we 'succeed' or 'fail' to achieve the goals we set ourselves in life, happiness is not rooted in success, 'we can stay happy forever'. Happiness is within you, happiness is you. Keep it in Mind!

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