Happiness | Vaishnavi Murali

The sun shined yesterday

Although it seems much brighter today

Thanks to all the bright smiles I see all my fears gone away..

Our constant aim to reach far ahead

Looking out for sparkles in mundane days

Often we forget those little things

Yes those which may take up a small part of my day but manages to be the highlight and stay

Like now this moment , this company and friends

Any worry seems at rest ,seeing you’ll happy is all we need to cheer away

For you make us believe that there’s hope leading to happiness everyday !

Some say it’s purple but others say it’s violet

Although they are shades a little here and there

We may perceive thoughts a similar way

But let’s embrace the collective and paint this canvas today

I chose to fill it with the colour of happiness because that’s what was offered here today

Seeing this bright piece inspires me to accept when life offers

A thunderstorm or rainbow ahead

Because it’s all a part of the learning my friends!

Performance Art
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