HEAL | Richa Ray

What is happening in this world ?

The constant fear, the reckless heart ,

The self imprisonments have gone beyond our pasts.

It is crazy what the world has become,

The tolerance breaking and patience gone .

Look at our leaders turning everything into a circus,

While the poor suffers,

They step on them to uphold their honour .

A Lie here, A lie there ,

I don’t know what to believe and what to discard .

Who is the enemy ? I am confused ,

Because with all the frustration

and introspection - I have learnt ,

Maybe I am the one .

It is time to heal and nature has given us a chance ,

Ward off all the chaos,

Untangle and nurture thyself.

Beware of the demons who are out to hunt.

They are known as

Depression, laziness, anxiety, trauma and obsession .

Oh! Mr. Virus ,

What a Stunt ?

Heal ! You need it mate.

Rebuild ! It’s your day.

Performance Art
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