Of Walls and Restraints| Anukirti Negi

I feel like there is an invisible wall.

Closing in on me.

And it's cutting off everything.

Then, there are the restraints.

Not visible to the naked eye.

But I can feel them.

Tightening around me.

Digging into my skin

ALMOST drawing blood.

Somedays it's easy.

Somedays, they loosen up and the wall backs away.

On those days, I can laugh and cry and I feel alive.

On other days;

I feel them,


The walls pushing in and the restraints holding me in place.

I feel them trying to push me back.

Trying to hold me down.

And on those days I choke.

I choke on my emotions.

And feel like breaking down.

But then, I think of the good days.

And hold on,

to see them one more time.

Insta: _anukriti_negi

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