Poems | Megha Ramkumar

1. After the storm

Wept under the blanket of horror for a long while

Trying hard to spell ,it's all over

But I never was , and all those agonies

Kept crawling into the deepest chest

Where more to hide !?

What more to fear!?

Was it all for the better tomorrow,

Well yes in a way, justifiable!

So now what , keep on letting them in

Or burn them down!!

Now spill them out , drop by drop

And was them away in the strongest rain

Alas!! Breath , breath out the whole misery

Now there's no hiding

Nothing's gonna rouse you

Cause you're a survivor

And you'll always be!


2. Let it go

The wait is worth the price

for you know who stays

and who fakes;

so my dear don't be so hard on yourself

cause you lost a few on the way

the few you thought were forevers

but instead , give your self credit,

for you finally realised it's not about the numbers nor the time log

it's just about the depth you share

with the one next to you

it's about who can take you ,stay with

and who understands

that small grim on the corner of your lips

meant you were about to weep,

the tiny shyness in your eyes,

saying ' oh god here he comes'

it's about who cares ;

who cares when you suddenly

stop blabbering

trust me the wait is worth the price

even is the distance

for finally , your really know who stays

it was all about loving as it is

even when it was difficult to

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