POETRY| Amruta Sonawane

Poetry 1:

Forgive me, I'm just confused!

Living in this 'real' world but the highlights are always those moments which always feel unreal.

It has been so much like this for so long that anything slightly better than this feels like a hoax.

Constantly battling between my desires and what I think I deserve.

This innate need to know and to know more,

to be good yet somehow never better.

Wanting to get lost yet seating in the middle of the room.

So much to do and so little time to do that in.

So much time and literally nothing to do at times.

Happiness that knows no boundaries and sadness that has no roots.

Dreaming about flying in the sky but at times just to roam around without any fears.

Wanting the rain but missing the stars.

Swinging on my mood, not getting down any soon.

Poetry 2:

Two Wrongs.

Sit with me, tell me your darkest fears

Talk to me, the same scars we might share

Don't tell me a secret but I can tell you mine

I can bring you happiness but along with it comes all the iffiness.

Just like the darkest night has the brightest stars,

We can be the two wrongs that make a right.

There's something we all regret,

It only depends on where we choose to draw a line.

Sometimes the lines get blurry but so does your memory.

Good ones as well as the bad ones, the ones that remain are the ones you choose to tell.

We are all stories, choose wisely which character you want to be.

It is okay if you keep changing your choice, you are just making an interesting plot.

There's always some comedy in all the tragedies.

We can laugh now or wait till the end.

So talk to me, tell me your darkest fears.

We can be the two negatives that add up to be a positive.

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