Pretty Little Bird| Shaik Imran Hussain Choudhary

Ig: idyllicscribbler

[Context: A bird born after the lockdown is unaware of the horrors of this world and refuses to believe me as I give her a reality check while we watch the sun rise]

Pretty little bird where have you been,

On a voyage were you? Or still hatching.

You flit around branches in peace,

Wondering about this mysterious pause,

I hate to remind you but this tranquil is a lost cause.

A world unvarying of your ancestral evocation,

One that was made centuries before my creation,

After me came many and kept coming forever,

For your kind this was a home never.

You search for the truth now,

To know more about this reality,

Pretty little bird it will lead you to insanity.

The green fields and juicy dew,

Bouncy insects and flowers around you,

You're overwhelmed by this melange,

I hate to remind you but this is a mirage.

You float free in the sky,

Looking down on dirt,

You see yourself in a stream,

And many worms to unearth.

Listen carefully as you plead for reality,

As I shatter your bundle of hopes,

And take you into my world of insanity.

Where your kind strives for survival,

And millions more cry in unison,

All while we crush you one at a time,

Before you could even feel the winds chime.

Where you hide in cracks and holes,

Unable to get your children homes,

Sitting on dreaded ropes you watch,

Hoping for your loved ones to hatch.

Where you no longer fly in flocks,

Because you fear getting locked,

Your children were stolen while you were gone,

Before you could watch them spawn.

Where water smelled good and looked clean,

But now all of that is dream,

A gust of wind lands a deadly blow,

Ending your kind before they could even grow.

Where our venoms are inside you,

All while we corrupt your homes,

You eat our creations in the hope of survival,

Just to get choked by those.

Where you sit on trees that don't breathe life,

But instead, waves that vaporize,

In a world where you imagine you are wanted,

Every single moment you are haunted.

Where we fight in groups for you,

Rally on the streets to show the truth,

But we return to spread our poisons for tomorrow,

Not a single soul who cares for you.

We mourn your sorrow,

Yet we return to crush you tomorrow.

I can talk for days,

About all the million sways,

Pretty little bird this is the reality,

Welcome to this insanity.

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