‘Puppy House’- A shelter for rescue puppies by the PFA in Thiruvananthapuram | by Rachna

As the Thiruvananthapuram chapter of People for Animals (PFA) is getting ready to celebrate their 25th anniversary in 2021, on Friday, the office bearers are all set to open a ‘Puppy House’ to accommodate rescue puppies in Valiyarathala. The ‘Puppy House’ will have four rooms for their accommodation and a verandah for the puppies to relax.

The People for Animals (PFA), Thiruvananthapuram chapter, has always been instrumental in building humane attitudes in people towards animals through various initiatives.

Maria Jacob, a trustee, says rescued puppies lack shelter or a space to play. They are usually put in cages before they are adopted. As they are separated from their mother, their immunity reduces. They need to be dewormed and vaccinated. Only after they are free from the body stress caused by deworming can they be vaccinated. ‘Puppy House’ will accommodate vaccinated puppies.

Maria also says that it will be their home before they get a permanent one. The mental and emotional well-being of puppies is imperative and it will affect them if they are kept in cages at an early age.

Almost 80 puppies can be accommodated at the same time. The PFA team also set up netted playground with toys for the puppies to play and relax. It was completed in the budget of Rs. 2.5 lakh. Around Rs. 91,000 was received from friends and well-wishers. To avoid puppies getting infected, strict measures will be taken like proper sanitisation of the staff, adopters will have to see them from a distance.

The PFA is on a mission to give happy and healthy puppies for adoption.

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