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Amish’s Ram Chandra Series kicks off with the title character “Ram Chandra” - in the book Amish even explains how Lord Ram’s full name happens to be Ram Chandra. The book starts by explains how Amish is using the hyperlink style of writing where three books lead up to the same event and then carry forward together. The books, announced as a five-part series, cover the epic journey of Ram, the Prince of Ayodhya, Sita - the Princess of Mithila and later Queen of Ayodhya, and Raavan, the King of Lanka. The book starts an ends in the same incident as the book covers all that happens with Ram until the incident. A childhood trauma, deceitful reality and innumerable adventures and the cherry top - father & son relationship.

A few things I noticed,

The book is filled with Characters after all the author is recreating an epic that spanned across the entire country of India and some more. The lead characters, if I may call them so, the brothers, their immediate family, the Gurus, Ravana and of course, Sita are all very well defined in every aspect - reading the book, one can picture the faces, right down to the scars and unruly hair. The childhood of the brothers was sped through, and though helpful to the book it was something I would prefer to have in much more detail. The world built by Amish, again, is something you can clearly see in front you - like a photograph, or a childhood memory. His description of the ancient city of Janak made me tingly in all the right places. The plot of the book was quick and gripping, not for once did my attention waver from the book - a true page-turner. I was quick to blame my interest in mythology instead of crediting the author for his skills but on second thought, I was convinced it was his writing that had overpowered my mind and not my whims. The best part of the book was the way the relationships between the characters were formed and when they had to part ways - I cried (yes, books make me cry, in fact, a lot of things to do). The bond between brothers, the one between a father and his son, tales of love and regret - it had it all.

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The book is a mythological epic it’s filled with quotes that could cover trucks all across the country - these are my favourites -

- Ram, in an attempt to explain the type of girl he would marry, tells Bharat, “…a woman who will compel me to bow my head in admiration

- Ram, in a theological conversation with Arishtanemi, says ‘…the only true one God is the one who picks no sides, who belongs to everything, who doesn’t demand loyalty or fear, in fact, who doesn’t demand anything at all


I would be amiss if I didn’t mention that this book is the greatest love story of all times, the magical story of how 'the always in control of his emotions' Ram gives in to affection at the altar of love. It’s a story of duty when Ram sacrifices a million dreams to save the hundred thousand people behind him and to fulfil his duty. It’s a story of a struggle between the ideal and the real - a brother who takes revenge and a brother that punishes himself for having committed a crime that no one else considers to be a crime.

It’s a story you must read.

Books Like this,

Honestly, all the books I know in this genre have been written by Amish himself, but I have purchased a ton of books recently - a few from this genre too, by Ashwin Sanghi and Kevin Missal.


This being my first rating, I’d like to begin with my lucky number - 4/5, for more reasons than one. It’s a great book, but it made me want for more than it satisfied me - I mean I would recommend it to everyone, and I am sure that the upcoming books will answer all my questions (having read/heard Ramayan I feel like I know the story but - Amish has managed to still make the book immensely interesting). Personally, it had everything a book needs.

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