Poems | Nikitha Bommakanti

1. Self-love or loving them? Which day is it?

It's a beautiful day

I woke up to the fragrance of love

I looked at myself and smiled as a gesture of love

Soaking in self-love

Pouring eternal on my partner

Patting my back and cuddling him

I promised myself

that it's okay

If I fail to do both at once

Yet sometimes I fear

What's the worst?

To lose myself or him?

In the middle of the day

Here, I wonder

What day is it?

2. Pitter-Patter! The raindrops fell on my right cheek which got a smile on my face. I noticed the kids dancing to the tunes of rain, the breeze passing by carried me along with it, to childhood nostalgia.




The gloomy clouds began to wonder on why people relish and celebrate when the clouds shed away their tears as a downpour, after holding up the depressing emotions for a long time.




As the clouds were lost in thoughts, they froze at a place oscillating the same feeling, they didn't realize that they were becoming part of exquisite paintings portrayed by artists and photographs clicked from below.




The moon arrived bidding farewell to the sun. It passed through the clouds, embracing them and made its elegant presence. Distracted by its beauty the clouds noticed and asked the same question to the moon if their melancholy was worth celebrations.


To which the moon replied:

I travel around the world and visit a place with my full glow, radiating warmth and being my complete self, only after every 15 days. During this time I realized that people look at the sky every day hoping that one day maybe just one day, we all shall shed the toxicity and appear brighter!

3. Happiness is?

Being always sad and struggling to find reasons to be glad

But when laughed at things, people thought it was silly and mad

I started pretending to be happy by following others perception

This only led to more sadness and suppression

The emotional hunt for happiness sucked me in grief

All at once, I built the courage to close my eyes and relish memories in brief

The broken crayons colouring, filling the puzzle of this detached soul

The affection with which my friend made a roll

The smile on my face when discovered extra candy in the packet

The reminiscent of nostalgic fragrance from the picture in my mother's locker

The mesmerising shades of sky revealing happiness through materialism are all lies

With the tears, I welcomed myself to reality

But this time with no regrets of the trip to happiness

From the castles made with sand on ground to flying in the sky

Happiness is everywhere

4. I have so much to talk about

But this anxiety will not let me,

I want to weep and shout

But this anxiety will not let me,

I want to react to comments that call me stout

But this anxiety will not let me,

I began to hunt for answers about self-doubt

But this anxiety will not let me,

I decided to let go past and start to bud and grow like a sprout

But this anxiety will not let me,

With furious demons all alone I fought

this anxiety I finally decided to let out

5. Could not find a place to call mine,

heard the voices through windows, 'never settle,'

from people who do not wander and roam

Flashing street lights makes the dawn moans

Life is a voyage and the brave heart is your home

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