Silent whisper | prerna

Sitting together ,

Without uttering a word ,

Just staring at each other,

And a smile appears ,

We have alot of things to say ,

But yet a silent took place ,

Knowing or unknowingly,

Without uttering a word ,

Our heart exchange the words .

Taking a deep breath of relief ,

As though we have already ,

Spoken alot without a urge .

We again smile at each other ,

Seeing our naked soul through each other's eye,

Where the stars lies .

The silent took place,

Sound of a breeze and waves whispered....

Staring at the night sky,

Filled with stars and moon,

We only wished ,

That this silent ,

Takes place for a longer time where ,

our soul whispered silently ,

And our heart respond loudly ,

Knowing or unknowingly .

Performance Art
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