The Pragmatic Soul| Hritwika Majumder

Shading of the last drop, she sighed!

The gripping fingers applied a force

As of the Tide.

She is neither an orphan

Nor a bride,

But a girl with dreams so wild!

Yes, I am a dreamer and l love to dream,

And can fill affirm upto the brain's brim.

Undermining? Oh! That is totally upto the perspective

Not each and every mind of the universe was born to be creative.

Threading back to the scene, would you ask me the reason?

What made her shed her tears?

Were dreams trapped in prison?

Neither did I expressed hath, nor did I resist,

Listen, Oh guys! With your soul, "Yes, I am an Optiminst."

Praying for an affectionate world and hoping 24*7,

Thus, lost in those lovely bonds, no less than the heaven.

A pragmatic soul is a must for every girl and boy,

Amending the era's thoughts, let us experience joy.

Insta: hritwika_majumder

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