Twinkle vague poems | Yayi Ramesh Ramya

1. Snowflake.

I was a drop of ink

On white paper

Dripping of a quill

enveloped in your grip

waiting to

mean something

You were a dream

a surreal thing

to happen to me

I could’ve been

an indecipherable speckle

But you weaved words with me

Through me

I brought

your thoughts on life

And you, me

that is how we existed

like 26 letters

Jumbled up to form words

each one as distant

as snowflake

Falling from sky

You and I,

we made winter look beautiful.


2. I would rather fly.

You sat down next to me

and promised, you’ll build bridges and

the hollows of my heart

little roads, lessons in loving

and being loved

And what if you leave?

I asked how does one love burnt

Bridges? The empty spaces

are not for charred words

I won’t, my love,

you’ll just have to try

instead, I said

I will use my empty spaces

to learn how to fly.

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