Twitter blocking accounts: freedom of speech and expression is under threat in India| by megha

Twitter on Wednesday accepted that the government's commanded by suspending 500 accounts by Meity and blocking access to India. In financial express it is said, '' Twitter, however, said that it is not blocked handles of civil society activists, politicians, and media as it would violate their fundamental right to free expression guaranteed by the country's law ". Some of the legal experts believe the matter is under court that Twitter being an intermediary is bound by the law of the country and cannot interrupt freedom of speech and expression. according to Pawan Duggal, cyber law expert, "section 69A and IT, the act gives government supreme powers to interpret law and order, security and sovereignty, etc. he also said, " if any intermediary has a problem, it can approach to the court, that's the only way out. Let the court decide whether the law is right or not.

According to financial express MeitY (ministry of electronics and information technology) tweeted a cold response on twitter's post "upon the request a twitter seeking a meeting with the government, the secretary IT was to engage with their senior management of Twitter" while Twitter executive had sought a meeting with communications and IT minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad, the minister is understood to have asked them to meet the IT secretary. Twitter in a blog post said that they will remove the harmful hashtags for some time. Twitter's blocking account is currently the main issue in India that is threatening the freedom of speech and expression, but Twitter is saying that they are not blocking the accounts they are just violating the rules.

In India, there is a constitution and law which everyone should relinquish. Earning money in India is open for everyone but under the law which has to be followed. Government asked Twitter to remove those hashtags that give birth to provocative action and content. Government asked them to remove those hashtags but twitter blocked the accounts, which is against the freedom of speech and expression. Our fundamental law should be there for everyone but not at the cost of national security and respect.

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