Unknown tales | Prerna

Going for a long drive ,

Wearing shabby losee cloths ,

To an unknown destiny ,

Under a night sky ,

Playing your favourite playlist ,

No one around

Only you and your soul .

Hearing your favourite playlist

And staring at the night stars ,

As though your heart whispers

All your goals and dreams where your words can't .

There is a silent whisper between heart and stars ,

Telling all my dreams , goals , joy and grief ,

Sharing all my pieces, as though there are the part of my soul .

Felt soo relief ,where there is no urge / no argument ,

Only SILENTS ....

Silent took place all around and ,

Smile on my face .

Staring at the stars,

My heart whispers ,

About my achievements and failure , and my unknown tales ,

Where there is a listener to listen to all my tales ,

That words can't describe .

Performance Art
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