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i watched them walk by, as they barely glanced at my work

standing beside my years of work, i waited for attention

for someone to give more than a fleeting look to my art

but the skies were red today, & kindness had burnt away

hours into the exhibition, close to when i was giving up

i felt like i should leave the painting there, & run back home

i sent a text out, & within a few minutes, i saw home walk to me

a red shawl hung from his shoulder, giving him a very royal vibe

he came closer, smiling like always, & bent a little

attacked my torso in an attempt to tickle me, & almost instantly

my worries climbed back into dark trunks that filled my heart,

i wished he would stop tickling me, but it just worse -

he wasn't alone, they all came rushing after him,

trying to cheer me up, if the world were to end tomorrow

this is where i would want to be, among these people

laughing, smiling and with my pain all locked away

the evening was spent on the banks of Hooghly,

as we cribbed about the exhibition & it's bias, my shoulder twitched

a heavy load landed on my shoulder, i felt it press me down

into myself, it clenched my lungs, & made it impossible to breathe

my eyes froze, i looked for help, but no one noticed the trunks open

i looked up, & saw it wasn't someone or something, it was just me

i reached out, & managed to tug at his shawl, he immediately

understood what i was going through, & without warning -

picked me up, and drove us home - the real home, he put me to sleep

i woke up for a second in between, i saw him sitting by the bed

the load climbed back into it's trunk, i felt lighter again


i woke up early the next morning, a little before dawn

ran up the stairs, climbed up the tank

i watched sunset through my camera's lens

capturing moments forever, & among the skies

i heard a voice in my head, one asking me to do more

to create a space for people like myself,

where art was equal, where every effort mattered

so i ran back to the room, pushed Samrat off the sofa

he woke up with a start, he looked at me with frustration

but seeing it was me, it changed to concern -

'Are you feeling better?', he asked as got up & hugged me

'yes, i feel amazing', i said with a wide smile, & pulled him

to my desk, & began to scribble, he watched patiently -

he has always admired my art, he saw me throw colours

& create a logo for it, an art exhibition -

he looked at me, quizzically -

i replied by raising my eyebrows, seeing he didn't understand,

i explained the idea to him, and he loved it

later that day, all of us sat together on the banks

& planned it out, every single detail, of the event -

date was fixed, money raised, it was time for d day.


the next few weeks were extremely busy,

hanging by the metro doors, travelling by the bank

i ran from artist to artist, & venue to venue

we created a space we would love to host, comfortable -

a night before the opening, i sat - curled up, on my bed

shoulders lowered with the load, & legs twitching with uncertainty

my head felt like a boulder, the nerves in it were throbbing

i could feel them trying to break out of the skin, end it all

the stress, and excitement of tomorrow was taking a toll

he climbed into the blanket, the sun was sweating but i felt cold

gently, he held me from the side, & whispered, 'i love you'

it helped, but the pain didn't fly away easily, they were infused with energy

i pushed him away, paced around the room, failing at it -

i ran up to the roof, & locked the entry, i heard him banging

but it slowly faded away, i sat on the tank and watched the skies

i heard the stories they had to tell, the glory they held, the calm they felt

slowly, the demons fell asleep and peace was restored,

i found him, fast asleep - leaning against the roof's door

his clothes red with the gate's rust, i stared a little before waking him up

we walked to his home, i dropped him and took a stroll

have you ever felt your city? - i felt Kolkata that day, honestly -

i felt Calcutta that day, the heritage, the old buildings, the art.

the night faded into a sunrise, & the day was here -

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