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the rain was coming down hard, my friend & I -

were searching for someplace to hide, we hid under a shop

waiting for the bus, we laughed about something that happened in class

the rain turned to a drizzle, and we walked across, and got into a bus

finding no place to sit, we decided to stand against the edge of the bus

moving around, colliding into each other we laughed of things,

& planned the weekend, her stop came and she got off, i got my phone out

began typing lengthy texts while i listened to some blue,

my stop came, i climbed down & it took me a minute

but then hysteria, and my scream came rushing in

as i realized that, my back pocket was empty, it was gone -

my wallet, with all the money, the cards, the proofs -

for a second, i remained calm, then i began to yell, weep

the driver came to my assistance but in vain, a helpful other

guided me to security officer nearby, who then took note of the complaint

i went home, dragging and sulking, my parents helped me calm down

they called up the banks, cancelled my cards, filed more complaints

for the next two weeks, i wrote about it to myself, for reasons unknown

losing the wallet hurt a lot more to me than i had realized -

i eventually got a new wallet, re issued my cards, and life moved on

then one day, i got the most surprising call -

"hey, is this Arshia?" - a random person, three months later called me

& returned my wallet, intact, with all it's money, cards

absolutely unhindered, somethings just happen, don't they?

sometimes the star align break away without any warning,

& align again without any warning, life isn't ever in our control

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