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"I don't want your body

But I hate to think about you with somebody else

Our love has gone cold

You're intertwining your soul with somebody else"

listening to Healy sing into my ears, every word felt real

it felt like he had written his songs just for me

isn't that the beauty of art, everyone that perceives it

feels like it's made for them, & them only - a little narcissistic

but you & i know it to be true, we like things being about ourselves

my mother pulled my earphones out of my ears, & pulled me back to life

we had reached our college, & a new journey was about to start today

it is easy to lose oneself in the sadness, the world is more dark than light

you have people everywhere preaching that happiness is a choice

but choices aren't really easy to make,

they are influences by a million things

by all our experiences,

you can never blame someone for making some choice, it wasn't them

it was a ton of people, things that they heard, or felt, went through

have you heard of chaos theory, it's a very simple and graceful -

it says that every large scale event has a tiny starting point,

meaning if a butterfly flaps it's delicate wing somewhere -

a chain of events is set off which can end up in a blooming flower,

or it may even end up bringing down a mountain, the world is distant

yet deeply connected to each & every single thing,

nothing you do is untethered - i made a few choices i regret,

it's not my burden to bear but i still do, we are gullible that way

sad & painful memories get etched into our hearts, swiftly & perpetually

but in this dark world, i feel like a sunflower -

bright exterior petals, with a dark & painful middle,

i have seen death up close, but it's not something i want to return to

it's in me, somewhere deep below, it's the home from where i begin to shine

but shine i do, one such day, i decided to etch happy memories

to record every happy thing in my life, and live them everyday

to swim in & get drunk with happiness, with everything i have

content - like the sunflower paintings of Van Gogh,

my loyalty only to happiness, like Clythe's to Apollo.

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