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Shakespeare said that the world is a stage and us its actors. I believe that our lives are a book and our moments simply pages. These are a few pages from life because it's simply complicated.

The 60,000-word book is divided into 13 chapters - each covering a certain incident or a set of incidents. The story starts in 2013 and ends in 2015. It follows the journey of a middle-class family as they attempt to deal with the trauma of rape and the perpetrator. There's a certain amount of violence involved in an attempt to stick to reality. The book could be categorized as Semi Fiction. 

22nd May

Scars Are Beautiful

This book expresses the hardships a person faces in the form of pain and then shifts the focus towards the positivity of life by overcoming several circumstances and mitigating the agony through the process of learning to heal, love and grow. Scars are realized to be negative but the lessons we learn from it defines of who we are and turning it into something beautiful.

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