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Harry styles glass painting

Jahnvi dogra

Hi!! So I painted this scene from harry styles music video-falling. It has so many beautiful shades and is one of my favourite paintings. Hope you like it :)


Nivedita dutta

It's the painting based on Japanese culture and anime.Prints are available and so is the original piece

MRP 500/-

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Rakhi special slider card

Purva shah

Slider card for your siblings

Watercolor Botanical Bookmarks

Bhumika Honparkhe

The size of these bookmarks is 14.8cm × 3.8cm. The paper used is 300gsm watercolor paper.

MRP 200/-

IMG_20200705_160209 - Bhumika Honparkhe.
IMG_20200705_154826 - Bhumika Honparkhe.
IMG_20200705_154614 - Bhumika Honparkhe.
IMG_20200506_134321_154 - Bhumika Honpar
IMG_20200428_153423 - Bhumika Honparkhe.
IMG_20200430_002641 - Bhumika Honparkhe.
IMG_20200428_162153 - Bhumika Honparkhe.
IMG_20200501_222955 - Bhumika Honparkhe.

Watercolor Travel Cards

Bhumika Honparkhe

Size- 14.8cm ×21cm.
These watercolor cards are customisable according to the picture and size of client's choice.

MRP 400/-

Watercolor Polaroids

Bhumika Honparkhe

These watercolor Polaroids are to reminisce you your best travel memories. Get them customised according to the picture of your choice.

MRP 300/-

IMG_20200214_114355 - Bhumika Honparkhe.
IMG_20200214_114504 - Bhumika Honparkhe.
IMG_20200627_140629 - Bhumika Honparkhe.
IMG_20200621_085034 - Bhumika Honparkhe.

Watercolor Galaxy Cards

Bhumika Honparkhe

MRP 150/-

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